You have finally reached the right place for the solution of that bothersome symptom. Click on the symptom that’s troubling you from a list of possible symptoms. Answer in Yes or No to a few simple questions and voila you will know whether you require to consult a doctor or not and if you do which specialist would be right. The symptoms that you can choose from are Bleeding from nose, Constipation, Defective Vision, Difficulty in breathing, Discharge from ear, Diseases of inside Nose, Excessive watering of eyes, Hearing loss, Increased Urination, Intolerance to light, Pain in neck, Postnasal discharge, Redness or discharge from eye, Running nose, Sore throat, Stomach ache for short time, Swelling in leg, Chest pain, Cough for less than 3 weeks duration, Diarrhea, Difficulty in swallowing, Diseases of earlobe, Earache, Generalized swelling over the body, Hoarseness of voice, Indigestion, Leg wound, Palpitations, Problems of eye-sight, Problems of Nose, Ringing sound in ear, Sinusitis, Stomach Ache for long time, Swelling and pain in joint of a limb after injury, and Weight loss.