“I can feel my daughter’s kisses again”: US first Full Face Transplant recipient rejoices

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Dallas Wiens, who has become the first man in the United States to undergo a full face transplant, appeared in the public for the first time after getting a new face.

Dallas Wiens underwent a 15-hour procedure in March, involving a team of 30 doctors at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston. He was transplanted an entire new face from an unidentified donor. When he woke up after the transplant he immediately asked a nurse whether it was okay if he touched his face.

"I started at the edge and worked my way in," said Dallas Wiens, "I had a nose, I had eyelids, and I had lips. I was amazed."

"To me the face feels natural, as it if has become my own. I can never express what has been done, what I have been given.

"The ability to breathe through my nose normally in itself was a major gift."

The construction worker suffered horrific burns by a high-voltage electrical line in the United States more than two years ago. The accident left him without any nose or lips and he became blind too. He was unconscious for almost three months and when he finally woke up he felt his face and said, "I have no features at all," and cried.

But the biggest achievement for Dallas Wiens after the transplant is feeling his daughter’s kisses again.

He said that his three-year-old daughter Scarlett liked his new face, "She actually said 'Daddy, you're so handsome'."



He further added, 'It's an amazing experience to be able just to feel her kiss again after two and a half years of having no feeling whatsoever in my face.”

Now Wiens is planning to return back home to Texas 'be the best father that I can be' and to continue his education.


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