A Cup of Tea Can Help You Burn Calories

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That humble cup of tea that you hold in your hands could be the key to loosing calories. But you have to take it without milk.
Scientists say that tea contains great amounts of compounds that help the absorption of fat. These compounds like theaflavins and therubigins hampered the kilos from adding up when administered to rats on a rich fat diet according to a Japanese research published in the journal of Nutrition (March).

They say it is the protein found in cow’s milk that neutralizes the tea’s fat fighting capability. According to Dr Devajit Borthakur, of the Tea Research Association in India, the chemical reaction between milk proteins and fat fighting compounds inhibit a person to get the health benefits of tea.
Those of us who cannot imagine their tea black can think of alternatives to the type of milk they add to their tea.

A prior British research has found that milk also hinders the benefits of antioxidants that helps protect against various diseases like Heart Attack to Cancer from reaching the tea drinker.

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