Week 37 of pregnancy: Arrival time is approaching!

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You are actually approaching the D- date now, so congratulations for making it successfully to this pregnancy week with a healthy you and baby. The moment is joyous, but sure you can’t take the victory dance, so ask your partner to do that on your behalf! Your partner must be equally relieved as you at this point and can’t wait a minute to have little baby in his arms. Stop, don’t start crying, we know you are very emotional about it, but save a few for the more touchy movements you are to experience in near future.   

Your body

This pregnancy week, your gynaecologist will begin with internal examination. It is an essential to see the progress, detect signs and act accordingly. Majorly, three signs are looked upon- the dilatation, softness and effacement of the cervix (taking up of the canal by the baby and related structures).

Here, when the canal is completely taken, dilatation is about 10 cms and the softness is very much comparable to the one on the inside of your mouth, then the baby is all ready to make an exit of the womb.

After the examination a slight brownish discharge is normal. But in case you find it profuse or bright red coloured, then calling up your gynaecologist is wise. Further, pain may be experienced within the process, but it is too normal. Do mention it all to your doctor at that very moment.

Now, during this pregnancy week, you may also have false alarms. Try discussing it with your health care provider and have enough information to differentiate between the false alarms and the true ones. Particularly if it is your first time, then these misleading ticks are common and in most cases unavoidable.

Weight gain

Some good news... from now on not much will be added as everything is ripe and done. But yes, counting from the pre pregnancy, you must be about 12 to 17 kilograms up.

Your baby

You must be wondering if the baby is all done, then what exactly is the fun staying inside. But the little one is practicing hard for the outside; regularly breathing and performing other necessary actions.

About 3 kilograms and 19 to 20 inches in length, the baby as said is all ripe, though the measures may vary. This is because we all know that not all babies weigh the same when born. It is moreover like related to many aspects, like genes. Further, in this pregnancy week, the development phase lowers down, as all is done. So, all you need to do is wait! As mentioned in earlier pregnancy weeks, watch out for the signs of labour and work as suggested to make it all run smooth and easy.


GBS screening: the tests requires vaginal or rectal swab to detect the presence of group B streptococcus infection. Week 36 to 37 is the ideal time to conduct this test. Further, in case of a positive result, antibiotic treatments are to be adopted during labour to safeguard the baby. The infection can be fatal or may result in mental retardation, hearing or vision issues in the baby.            


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