Week 36 of pregnancy: almost on your toes

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Every passing pregnancy week brings along excitement and worry. Always on the edge, you want to savour every moment of your pregnancy. 
As of now, you must be all prepared with the list of baby articles and a few of the things you will require during and after your baby’s birth. The journey is on the verge of completion and sure you don’t want to finish it up in style and complete health. 
Your body
This pregnancy week indeed brings in a sense of relief, as the baby which till date was kicking right in your ribs is now a bit lowered within the space. This in medical terms is defined as lightening and is a step progressing to labour. Simply, the baby has to slide down to make it to the outer world. Though you may feel relieved of the heart burn and breathlessness, but sure the frequency of urination increases with the rise of direct baby pressure on the bladder.  
In most cases, the baby is in an upside down position, but about 4 to 5 % may present with the opposite i.e. the upright one. So, if your baby is in the breech position, then this week with adequate liquor all around the baby, your practitioner will adopt external cephalic version, simply trying to turn baby manually. Some doctor may also recommend to first try specific exercises for the same and then try the manual procedure.
Weight gain
Baby is gaining grams with each passing pregnancy week and so are you. So, try to be calm when you see an again elevated scale measure.
Your baby
Baby is growing and making the fat globules fit in proportions which will protect the baby later. About 2.3 kilograms and about 18 inches long, the baby is almost done and can any day make it to your world. The baby has now all apt senses, can listen, respond to light and touch. The gums are all set in places, though it may take a few more months for the milk teeth to really show.  
The baby has a definite sleep - wake cycle, and when awake the baby can sense all what’s happening outside the womb. 
As mentioned above, the baby can arrive any day and your gynaecologist now won’t interrupt in case you begin regular contractions.  
When you begin labour?
  • Once labour sets in, the house ladies begin feeding oily stuff and slippery nuts to make the passage easy. But it is not the right method and would act negative, leaving the helpless mother in more uncomfortable zone of heaviness and puck feelings. Try having some light food before leaving your place as you won’t even feel empty and neither there would be heaviness to bother. 
  • Never try pushing on own, push only when your doctor or nurse asks you to.
  • Save your energy for the push and not waste it all for screaming and howling. You are not the first women on Earth in labour, try to maintain energy levels and not lay exhausted with extreme vocal cord use and crying. This way you are directing forces in the wrong direction complicating things. So, stay calm and happily welcome your bundle of joy. 

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