Week 35 of pregnancy: nervousness is rising

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In this pregnancy week, being anxious is very obvious. Many of your neighbours and relatives will advise you to stay calm and composed, but they really don’t know what grips your mind every now and then. Labour pains, new baby, newer responsibilities, after care and in case this is your second child, then caring for the first one also forms one of the important matter which juggles your mind.

Your body

With the glued mindset on the above mentioned pregnancy aspects, there are few more troubles dragging all your attention- sleep and of course the time to time visits to the washroom. Sleeping is indeed very tough, though the maternity pillows can help as they are designed specially to make it all convenient for both the mother and the baby. It allows comfortable position to the mother in these tough bulky times and also keeps the blood flow to the developing foetus safe and uninterrupted.

Further, in this pregnancy week you can actually feel the increased blood flow to the lower region, medically about 1/6th of the entire circulation is embracing the baby making organs, baby and the related tissues.  

Also, you will begin experiencing urine leaking, as if you have no control. This happens particularly in the lesser strong pelvic muscles that almost tend to loose ends in these demanding times. Pelvic floor exercises do help not only to overcome this leak, but also aid a firm support on the D day. The urine leakage does continue even after the delivery and you must continue this exercising regime after the birth to keep yourself fit and healthy.

Weight gain

Weight gain should never bother you in this pregnancy week.

Your baby

18 inches total in length and about 2.15 kilograms in weight, the baby now fills most of the space. This pregnancy week for the baby can be described as a finishing touch period, where all organs developed are at the ends of making the final finishes. Fat is storing, liver has begun its functions to give out on the waste products and the baby nails are growing as an adult, almost curling up at the ends. Wonder how the little one need to clip nails on the very first day of life, here is the answer.

The brain development is all done and has almost doubled in size over the past few pregnancy weeks. That’s why you were prescribed those walnuts to keep a natural spin.


Be observant: don’t go by any books or someone else’s saying. Instead watch yourself and you will perceive it all. Every individual is different and may have a different individualistic presentation, so what happened to your sister in law isn’t a compulsion within your course. You are unique and so will be your pregnancy.

Meditate often- do practice deep breathing to keep all hassles away and make your body and your mind relax.

Be prepared: any day labour may knock your door and the baby may come within your life and home. Keep a check list and do not miss a single thing which may be essential during your labor.

Have healthy well timed light food and do stay chirpy.

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