Week 34 of pregnancy: wait, wait and wait

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You may be ready with all arrangements, but the baby will take a bit more time to get out into your arms. So, just wait for the right time to click and enjoy at the moment. Every week you are adding on your gestation, it’s definitely a benefit to the developing baby, so be cool. If all is well timed, then you are about 6 weeks away from the D day, so don’t panic. You may see other would-be mothers of similar pregnancy dates already delivered with their darling in their arms. But don’t worry, just take it easy and let the nature work, as worrying won’t help. You are an individual and have no comparisons; each one has their own pace and pattern.

Your body

Uncomfortable is the word, you are all troubled with not much cosy sleep, aching issues and weight. Further, the contractions tend to be more and more impressive rather than just a preparation. Nature is preparing all for labour and these contractions are tagged under the first stage, ending in the canal dilation, where the second one is the expulsion of the baby followed by the third stage of labour, which includes expelling placenta and left over tissues. 

If you have been working all these months, then the time to take  a leave from your job has come. Now, just rest take some time off for yourself and pamper yourself enough for the efforts you need to put in after the baby is born.

Also, hormones are making their role fruitful and shall begin to stimulate breast milk production at this week.

Weight gain

Will discuss it later, just forget it now.

Your baby

The baby now weighs about 2 kilograms and measures a little less than 18 inches. As of now, the baby is all covered with a white creamy layer that may even stay till the delivery day, very much visible on birth. By now the soft furry layer called lanugo is all fading.

The good news that comes this week is the development of the immune system, now the baby produces a few of the antibodies herself / himself.


In case you have been advised on a caesarean section, then do ponder and read enough on the subject before taking it over.

Also, try discussing it with your doctor about its post care etc and do prepare way in advance the things you may need later. Further, setting a date for the C – section is indeed exciting for few couples where they too have a bit of liberty to select the birth date of the baby.

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