Labour Pain Notions

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Labour pain is a topic of discussion for all expecting mothers. Many fear it and even think it as a life threatening process, almost next to death experience. If you are expecting, then sure these kinds of thoughts must have gone through your mind at least once. The following is all we could sum on the facts and myths over the subject very much prevalent within our societies:

The pain in unbearable

It is completely false as the nature is working and millions of ladies pass through the phase, and some may even enjoy it. In case the pain exceeds the limits one does pass out i.e. lose senses. Practically in labour, most females turn unconscious with drugs and not the labour pain.

Push in labour

Again a big myth, one should never push until asked by the healthcare provider. When you heedlessly push, neither progresses the labour nor it helps, it will just make you exhausted.

Walk in labour pains

It is an absolute yes. Here with the contractions act the gravity shortening labour, enhancing baby’s descent. Further, lying down is not advisable as this hampers the blood flow to the uterus and the baby. Walking also lessens the pain sensations within labour and is a must for all mothers in labour.

Eat heavy before going to the hospital

If labour has begun and the contractions are turning regular and strong, you are just about to leave your home, so don’t have heavy meal. Rather opt for a light snack. The heavy food will only leave the mother burdensome on the tummy with nauseous feelings.

Breech baby is a caesarean section

Again false -breech presentation when in labour is not a rare finding and many have reported normal vaginal delivery even with feet coming out first.

The D day will be the date given by the doctor

No, nature works its own ways and to expect your child exactly on the expected date of delivery (edd) given months back is not much of a use. About 50 % of the babies are born either a week after or a week before the edd, whereas 80 % are 2 weeks earlier and a week later to the edd. Only about 10 % will be born on overdue tag i.e. at 42 weeks.

Bind tummy just after delivery to keep it all toned

Many have been seen buying tight corsets to be wore after delivery. This will not help. Rather try maintaining your diet and also begin with very light exercises after delivery. If you had a normal delivery, then light exercising or walking for 30 minutes thrice a week after 4 weeks is advisable. But in case you have had a caesarean section, then the resting phase is a bit prolonged.     

The sole aim of the article is to guide all with facts and all myths hovering and bothering the expecting mother.


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