Breathing and pushing during labor

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Vaginal delivery is the natural and normal way of delivering a baby, and although requires lot of effort, it is less complicated and helps the mothers heal and recover quickly. Labor is a common process before the delivery and if proper breathing patterns and pushing techniques are adapted during this phase, it can help in easy and quick delivery.  
Benefits of rhythmic breathing during labor
During the labor, a woman is very tense and at times even frightened. If she is undergoing very painful labor, then the tension is all the more severe. In such a mental frame, the breathing becomes more rapid as well as shallow. The top portion of the pregnant lady’s body frame is tight and tense, and sometimes if the woman goes into panic stricken phase she starts over breathing. Due to such panic breathing gasps, the amount of oxygen inhaled is very low which can make you feel dizzy and uncontrolled. This can make you exhausted at time of labor, and this is the time when you need more force to push the baby out. This is where rhythmic breathing becomes relevant. 
When you breathe in a rhythmic pattern during labor, your body gets more oxygen and assists you during the contraction pain. This also helps you to save energy and provide more oxygen to the baby, so that the baby too can handle the strenuous process and come to this world more easily.
Breathing with support during labor 
However hard you might have practiced rhythmic breathing before you go into labor, it’s difficult to relax when you actually begin with contractions. In such a situation, a labor supporter can help you to be steady by breathing side by side to you. You can concentrate on her breathing pattern and then follow suit. Although it can make you feel strange to breath with another person, but this co-breathing can help you save energy during labor.
Breathing and pushing during second stage of labor
By the time you are into your second labor stage, you will also need to push along with breathing in long breaths. The doctor may ask you to hold your breath for some time and use all your force to push the baby out.  Sometimes, the doctor can instruct you to push with the contraction rhythm. Usually, the nurse or the doctor tells you how to push and in which direction. But if you do not receive such guidance at the time of labor, then just push maximum times possible with every contraction.  
No pushing during labor?
Many times, women feel like pushing even before dilation of cervix is complete. In such a situation, you might be told not to push and wait until your cervix has opened completely. This is a very difficult thing as the urge to push is highly influential and uncontrollable at this stage.  You can change your body position which involves changing side. Apart from this, follow the instructions given by the caregiver as he/she will guide you properly through your labor until childbirth and even later on. 

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