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Healthline24X7 is primarily a web and voice based health information and communication service. We aim to help health information seekers make informed choices by connecting its users to the most relevant and reliable information.
The “search and select” feature helps users search potential doctors by specialty, qualification, fee, gender, locality, ratings and years of experience, etc. Our aim is to help the consumer select the most suitable healthcare service provider. We bring for the users a comprehensive list of all the healthcare service providers across the five metros (namely Delhi/NCR, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai).
Healthline24X7 brings for its users complete information on exhaustive list of diseases complete with their causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and alternative remedies. This information will help the user understand the disease better and manage and monitor it more efficiently and effectively.
The unique Symptom-to-disease-to-specialist tool on Healthline24X7, helps users identify the possible causative diseases for their symptoms and assists in locating the right specialist. Our dedicated and qualified team is available round-the-clock, forever ready to address any health query.
No health information can be complete without medicines. Healthline24X7 provides robust information on all medicines categorized by pharmacology - action time, common dosage, what to do in a missed dose, over dose, precaution during pregnancy, for kids and for old age, side effects, used to treat diseases, price comparisons by various manufactures, availability in locations, brands available, substitutes or alternatives, etc.
The users can also read the latest medical news, articles and get access to various health calculators available on the site.
At Healthline24X7 the consumer gets access to all this information and more. Apart from being a credible source of health information, Healthline24X7 is also a platform where the consumer can connect to people suffering from similar diseases/conditions; take opinion and guidance from expert medical professionals, etc. on the various discussion forums.
Healthlineline24X7 is a landmine of advertising opportunities for the healthcare domain, caters to both healthcare service seekers and providers.
What do Advertisers Get?
Opportunity to create a customized marketing plan
Utilize the sea of health information and tools available on Healthline 24X7 to create a customized marketing plan for your brand.
Information can create awareness about your brand
Use the information on healthline24X7 to provide the information to consumers on any health issue
Target the right audience
We can provide the consumer data base, categorized on the basis of medical condition, demography, geography, behavior, registered users, etc. so that you can target your communication to the right audience
Get the right leads
Healthline24X7  will locate your target audience from the date available to us and send them a customized email of your brand in order to generate qualified leads for you.
On spot access
Your message will reach the audience while they search for relevant information using our specific searchtool online.
Build a connect with the audience
Healthline24X7 can assist you to make a customized Patient Education Program using our content and tools to inform educate the users about your brand.
Health Calculators
A number of health calculators available on healthline24X7encourage and motivate the users to visit daily thus a daily audience for your brand.
Research Revenue
 Healthline24X7 can assist you to know your customer and market  better through extensive general and customized research, awareness/intent impact and conversion/impact.  
Talk to your target audience
You can communicate with your target audience on a more personal level on our various discussion boards, blogs and other social network communities on the site.
Audio Visual Communication
You have the option of educating  and Informing  the audience through audio video clippings on Healthline24X7.
Choice of mediums
You can select from a wide array of advertising options  available online like Ad units on Standard pages, newsletter ads and video sponsorships, Gateway road bloc and Homepage road bloc
Voice based advertising options like Mobile SMS advertising, voice based advertising (jingles), Bluetooth advertising, WAP banner advertising, etc are also available
Each medium, whether the internet or voice can be used alone or in conjunction with the other
The advertisers are required to comply with “Healthline24X7” advertising policy while advertising their products with us.
Looking for a healthcare Service provider, your search ends here. A comprehensive list of Health Service Providers has been listed from across the major Indian cities namely Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi/NCR, Kolkata, Mumbai, Lucknow, Nagpur, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Meerut, Kozhikode, Coimbatore, Patna, Surat, Ludhiana, Pune, Indore, Jamshedpur, Bhopal, Kochi, Vijaywada, Nasik, Thiruvananthapuram, Jabalpur, Agra, Varanasi, Kanpur, Rajkot, Dhanbad, Vadodra and Vishakhapatnam. These service providers are the Doctors, Hospital, Clinic, Chemist, Pathology Lab, Therapy, Radiology, Equipment Dealer, Nursing, Speech and Hearing, Ambulance, Blood Bank, Organ Bank, Optician, and NGO. These health service providers have been categorized on the basis of Gender, Location of practice, Specialty, Years of experience, Consultation fees, 24x7 availability, professional qualification, working days and timings. Fill in the required details and click on search to get a customized list of service providers tailored according to your needs. In case you wish to start a new search, just click on the reset button and you are all ready to start search on new criteria again.